What can I do in the watershed?

There are a number of activities at nearly 20,000 acre Los Vaqueros Watershed.  

Of course, there's fishing on the shore or from one of our electric boats. There is fishing access on both sides of the reservoir, though the Marina and boat rentals are on the south side near Livermore. 

There are more than 55 miles of challenging -- that is hilly -- trails within the watershed.  Here's a trail map.  We've outlined  five loop trails in our LV Trail Guides.

The John Muir Interpretive Center has exhibits on the history and culture of the watershed.  It's open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  on weekends. 

We have regular activities at the watershed in the fall, winter and spring months ranging from hikes to "star" nights to see planets and stars. 

Every October we have the Los Vaquero Tarantula Run, a challenging 5K. 10K and half-marathon. 

You can bring your horse or mountain bike out to Los Vaqueros, there are 12 miles of mutli-use trails.  The trail heads for these trails are all on the north side of the watershed, near Brentwood.

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9. What can I do in the watershed?
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