Who are the potential local partners?
  • Alameda County Water District 
  • Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency 
  • Byron Bethany Irrigation District 
  • City of Brentwood 
  • Contra Costa Water District 
  • Del Puerto Water District 
  • East Bay Municipal Utility District 
  • East Contra Costa Irrigation District
  • Grassland Water District 
  • Santa Clara Valley Water District 
  • San Francisco Public Utilities Commission 
  • San Luis Water District 
  • San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority 
  • Westlands Water District 
  • Zone 7 Water Agency

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1. What are the project objectives and potential benefits?
2. Where is the Los Vaqueros Watershed located?
3. When was the dam originally built, and when was it expanded?
4. Who owns Los Vaqueros?
5. What environmental documentation is currently available online?
6. Who are the potential local partners?
7. What are the near-term milestones?