When are your programs scheduled?
Our programs are offered Monday through Friday during the normal school day.

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1. Who is eligible for Contra Costa Water District Water Education classroom programs?
2. Should the teachers at my school designate a contact person for each grade level?
3. How do I book a Classroom Presentation?
4. When can I book a program?
5. Can I register by phone?
6. How do I know what dates are available?
7. Can you hold a date for me until I send in my registration form?
8. How will I know that my date is confirmed?
9. What classroom programs do you offer?
10. When are your programs scheduled?
11. How long are your programs?
12. How many presentations can I schedule in a single day?
13. Who teaches your programs?
14. Can I combine classes?
15. Is there a cost for this program?