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Virtual Classroom Program Request Form

  1. Fill out this form to request a virtual Classroom Program through the CCWD Water Education Program.

    Please note: Classroom Programs are available for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes.

  2. *In the virtual environment, we have found it beneficial for learning to cap virtual classroom programs to no more than 40 students, so if you have four grade-level classes, we would recommend four classroom programs.

  3. (i.e. Zoom, Google Classroom, SeeSaw, Microsoft Teams, etc.)

  4. Preferred days of the week

  5. Preferred months of the school year

  6. Key Points

    • You will be contacted by CCWD to schedule programs.
    • Questions about scheduling or programs? Email Christine Helton with CCWD.
    • Program duration is 60 minutes.
    • Program format: We ask that you make our instructors a temporary host on your account so they can conduct the program, share their screens, etc.
    • Please select the option to email yourself a copy for your records below and submit the form.

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