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1. Why Did CCWD Sign the Settlement Agreement?
2. What is CCWD's Position on the CWF? Does This Settlement Mean CCWD Supports the CWF?
3. Does the Final EIR/EIS Released on December 22, 2016 Include CCWD’s Settlement Agreement?
4. Does the Analysis in the Final EIR/EIS Demonstrate That the Settlement Agreement Will Increase Project Impacts on the Delta?
5. Why Were The Agreement Terms Not Adopted in A Public Meeting?
6. Who is Responsible for Costs Associated With The Agreement?
7. Does This Settlement Involve Payment of Money to CCWD?
8. Will CCWD Water Rates Go Up In Response?
9. Will this Settlement Jeopardize CCWD’s Water Quality or Supply?
10. Does This Settlement Mean CCWD is Abandoning the Delta?
11. Will this Settlement Impact Los Vaqueros Reservoir?
12. Where Can I Learn More About the BDCP/CWF?
13. Where Can I Learn More About The Settlement?